Quiz: Which Wes Anderson Film Should You Watch Tonight?

Keep track of your answers and add them up at the end for your results! (All outcomes based upon a highly scientific algorithm). 1. Pick an accessory… a) A red woolly hat b) A fur coat/ cigarette combo c) A set of personalised luggage d) A beret e) A moustache f) A Davy Crockett hat 2.Continue reading “Quiz: Which Wes Anderson Film Should You Watch Tonight?”

Quiz: Which Gilmore Girl are you?

Anyone who has ever seen an episode of Gilmore Girls will have dreamt of living in Stars Hollow. From its perfectly twinkling fairy lights, to its omnipresent troubadour, the town has it all and then some. But the real question is, which Gilmore Girl would you be if you did live there? Take this quizContinue reading “Quiz: Which Gilmore Girl are you?”